Welcome to my Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 2016 Gallery! The Fiesta is divided into sessions – one in the morning, another in the evening. Join me as I go thru a day at the Fiesta.

With a wake-up call at 4am, we started the day with the Dawn Patrol and Morning Glow:

Then, just as the sun starts to rise, the American Flag and National Anthem announce the start of the day:

Hundreds of balloons launch in multiple waves during the Mass Ascension:

The morning is filled with so many fun characters:

The evening session begins setting up at sunset. I had great fun walking amongst the balloon field as the balloonists got ready for the evening.

Once the sun sets, the Twinkle Twinkle Glow begins:

And the night ends with the AfterGlow Fireworks:

It was an amazing experience, unlike anything else I’ve done. I was so inspired by the size, energy, and beauty of the Balloon Fiesta.  Let me know in the comments below which balloon was your favorite!

If you’d like to see more about the entire weekend in Albuquerque, and hear how I did it in 2 Days for $200, you can read all about it here.

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I’m always looking to travel, but don’t always have a lot of time or money, so started exploring ways to take more trips for 2 Days & (mostly) under $200 at a time!

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