This trip was inspired by the idea of seeing the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. It was an absolutely stunning experience and you can see many more photos in my separate Gallery post by clicking here. I purchased Park ‘n Ride Tickets for 2 sessions (morning + evening) that provided free parking (for those with cars), a shuttle to the fiesta, and entrance to the park.
Cost: $33
ABQ International Balloon Fiesta 2016
One of the more popular areas in Albuquerque is their Old Town, with its traditional town square and  San Felipe de Neri Church (originally built in 1719, and restored after a fire in 1792).
Cost: FREE (shopping and eating are totally up to whatever you wish to spend!)
Old Town Albuquerque NM
Albuquerque has a beautiful skyline, and one of the best places to view it is from the top of Sandia Peak. At 10,378′ above sea level, the best way to get to the top is via the Sandia Tramway. The Tramway is the longest in the US and the 3rd longest in the world!
Cost: $25
Sandia Tramway Albuquerque NM

The Rail Yards Market is Albuquerque’s Farmer’s and Local Artisan’s market. It’s housed, as the name implies, at the old rail yards. The market itself is in the historic Blacksmith Building, and you can see inside the rail building directly behind it.
Cost: FREE
Albuquerque NM Rail Yards Market
Of course, I had to see the Rio Grande. We got a beautiful sunset view and a fun walk at the Rotary River Park, just a few blocks outside of Old Town Albuquerque. Walking in nature is both beautiful and free!
Cost: FREE

We found some really fun and different street art throughout the city. The downtown Albuquerque area has a plethora of public art in the form of murals, mosaics, and statues scattered throughout approximately a 12 block square area. This is just a small representation. My favorite is the bas-relief of the Fire Station!
Cost: FREE
Albuquerque NM Street Art
And, of course, you know I found some ice cream while I was here!

Now, for the details – my itinerary, plus other things you can do:

And how my budget came out for the weekend:

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