What to See in London in 2 Days for $200!

Let’s be honest, you will never see all the sights of London in two days. So we start with the premise, that this is just one 2-day London itinerary out of perhaps thousands - created from a desire to be a sophisticated traveler (but really just ended up fulfilling a...

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A Two Day Luxembourg Holiday for $200!

Christmas in Luxembourg is beautiful and, even in the rain, a fun experience. And to make it more enticing, you can visit Luxembourg City in 2 days for only $200! Luxembourg Christmas Market Cost: FREE The first thing I did when I arrived was to take a walk to see the...

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5 Beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe

I had a grand European adventure last year, spending 3 weeks in 4 countries during the Christmas season. In that time I got to visit Christmas Markets in 5 different cities. While many people think of Germany and Austria when they think of European Christmas markets,...

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