I’ve lived in Los Angels for over 12 years and in that time have traveled for work back-and-for to Phoenix many times. I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing the better places to stop for gas and/or coffee. But what I never did was stop along the way to see any of the cities that live along the 10 between Los Angeles and Phoenix. So, on a recent visit to Scottsdale, to visit some family who had just moved there, I decided to turn my trip back into an old fashioned road trip, stopping along the way to find the classic, and the crazy, characteristics of the cities along the way.

Scottsdale itself has so much art to experience, they even have a bonafide “Scottsdale Art Walk”, a self guided tour throughout the city that shows you some of the best it has to offer. Starting at the Scottsdale Mall you can find everything from the LOVE statue by Robert Indiana to historical statues honoring the men and women who helped start the city. There are also some beautiful fountains and flower gardens in this area.

Old Town Scottsdale is an homage to the Wild, Wild West.

The drive back to LA was a stop-and-go adventure as I explored highlights along the way that showed off the personality of the roadside towns.

My first stop was at the stunning Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza in Phoenix. I thought it would be just a small memorial of the USS Arizona Mast and Anchor, but was blown away by the scope and size of this memorial park in front of the state capital plaza. It’s filled with a multitude of tributes to War Veterans, Police and Fire Service members, and prominent people in Arizona’s history. It also includes a 9-11 Memorial and America’s first monument to the Bill of Rights.

Just outside of Phoenix, along the 10 is the town of Buckeye and it’s larger than life Hobo Joe statue, which stands in honor of Marvin Ransdell (1928-1988). There’s quite a story involving murder, intrigue, and unpaid debts surrounding this statue.
*UPDATE: according to the website Roadside America, this statue is no longer there.*

Quartzsite, AZ was a treasure chest of fun with sites that included Hassler’s Mechanical Zoo:

Hi Jolly‘s Tomb for the camel driver with the U.S. Calvary in the 1850’s:

…and Tyson’s Well Stage Station that included the miniature Barrett’s Village.

The General Patton Memorial Museum in Chiriaco Summit, CA is a must see for the military / history buff in all of us.

I missed the lane to stay on the 10 coming back into Los Angeles and ended up on the 60 instead. A happy accident as I was welcomed back into town by a mammoth standing guard over all the drivers on the freeway, a statue from the Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center.

DETAILS: Date: June 2016
Starting Point: Scottsdale, AZ
Trip: Road trip between Scottsdale, AZ and Los Angeles, CA

BUDGET:  $166.16Lodging: $0 (stayed w/family)
Transportation: $75.96 (gas)
Food: $82.20
Activities: $8

TIPS & TRICKS: Having a relative in Scottsdale allowed me to come in under budget as I had a free place to stay. We did a mix of eating in and eating out to save on costs too.

Steps Walked: 8,980 and 6,662
Miles Driven: 794 RT miles

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I’m always looking to travel, but don’t always have a lot of time or money, so started exploring ways to take more trips for 2 Days & (mostly) under $200 at a time!

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