Recently, I found myself in Melbourne, Australia for a friend’s wedding. Now, obviously, my trip to Melbourne was longer than 2 days and cost more than $200. However, since I was there, I decided to approach my tourist time as a Two Day Travels!  So, if you live in Australia or find yourself in Melbourne for another reason, here’s how you can explore for Two Days and $200!

Melbourne is very easy to get around – between public transportation and walking, I was to able see quite a bit of the city. And, within the Central Business District (CBD) you can ride the streetcars in the City Circle / Free Tram Zone absolutely free!

The top photo looks across the Yarra River towards the Arts Centre, Hammer Hall and other buildings that make up the skyline. The center photos include the iconic Flinders Street Station (left) and the Royal Exhibition Building (right). The pictures across the bottom show Melbourne’s Chinatown, the gorgeous interior of the Ian Potter Center, and one of the many street cars I rode over the weekend.

Australia Melbourne CBD Flinders Street Station Royal Botanic Garden Ian Potter Centre
St. Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne is an Anglican Cathedral built in 1926 and is the seat to the Archbishop of Melbourne. The statue shown here on the grounds is of Captain Matthew Flinders, the leader of the 1st circumnavigation of Australia.

Melbourne is internationally renowned for its street art. You can find alleys all over the city with many different styles of artwork. Some of the more popular include Hosier Lane and ACDC Lane.

Melbourne Australia Street Art Hosier Lane
Melbourne Australia Street Art ACDC Lane
Along the Yarra River, is the Princess Walk in Birrarung Marr Park – a beautiful walkway only a few kilometers long, that offers lovely views of the city, the river and various public art pieces along the way, including the Federation Bells – an installation of 39 bells that play 3 times a day.

Melbourne Australia Yarra River Birrarung Marr Park Princess Walk Federation Bells

Located within the grounds of the Royal Botanical Garden of Melbourne is the Shrine of Remembrance, a memorial to those who died in World War I and dedicated to “all those who have served in the armed conflicts and peacekeeping operations in which Australia has participated”. (source: Admission is free, although donations are appreciated.

Outside, you’ll find the Cobbers 2008 statue by Peter Corlett (a memorial to the Battle of Fromelles, 19 July 1916, regarded as the worst 24 hours in Australian military history) and the World War II Forecourt that includes the Cenotaph and Eternal Flame. Inside are the Wall of Medals, the Galleries of Remembrance and the Ray of Light. One of the most moving to me was Father and Son, a memorial statue dedicated to the two generations who served and died in WWI and WWII.

Melbourne Australia Royal Botanical Garden Shrine of Remembrance War Memorial WWI WWII

The Healesville Sanctuary specializes in Australian animals and focuses on breeding and public education to repopulate endangered species. It is one of only 2 places to successfully breed a platypus (the other, Taronga Zoo in Sydney)! Set in a natural environment, the Sanctuary is home to wallabies, wombats, dingoes, koalas, and kangaroos! Admission is $25 (USD), but children 4-15 are free on weekends and holidays. Close Up Encounters, like my visit with the adorable kangaroo seen here, start at $8 (USD).

Melbourne Australia Healesville Sanctuary Kangaroo Koala
Although I didn’t visit myself, the Melbourne Zoo is another popular destination. Melbourne Family did a post about their visit and you can read about it here.

A little south of the Melbourne CBD is the neighborhood of St. Kilda. Here you can walk thru a beautiful Botanical Garden (free), see the historic Luna Park (free admission, adult ride tickets start at $8), visit the beach and take a walk down the pier to see where the Little Penguins come home every night at sunset.

Melbourne Australia St. Kilda Botanical Garden Luna Park St. Kilda Pier Little Penguins
Want to see the Little Penguin in action? Click on this video to see one of the penguins come home after a day at sea:


If you’re visiting Melbourne with a special someone, check out Mona Corona’s write up about a more romantic take on visiting Melbourne.

My itinerary over Two Days:

My budget has been translated to USD, based on my final credit card charge or a google conversion where I paid in cash. Here is my final budget for Two Days in Melbourne and tips/tricks I used:

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Melbourne Australia St. Kilda Botanical Garden Luna Park St. Kilda Pier Little Penguins            

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