Travel Apps can make life so much easier when you’re on the road. They’re great for helping you track all of your travel information, find the best place to stay and the easiest way to get there. There are so many different ones out there, but here are 5 of my favorites and they’re all free!


What It Is:  A Flight Monitoring App

Why I Like It: I can watch for flights, for certain times of year and get advice on whether to buy now or wait.

How It Works: Type in where you are and where you want to go. It brings up a color-coded calendar for you to see how the costs of flights look for the next few months. Select the dates you want.   Hopper evaluates all your options and gives its price prediction for that route and those dates. You can explore flight options or put the flight on a Watch List. Hopper will give you a notification when there’s a drop in price and it’s a good time to buy.


What It Is: An Itinerary Management App

Why I Like It: I forward all of my trip details – flights/trains, hotels, reservations for activities or dinners, etc. – quickly and easily via email. It collects them all in one spot so I don’t have to print everything out or try to find them in my email while I’m traveling. It also gives me notifications along the way if my flight is delayed or gate changes. Granted, I also have my airline and hotel apps too – but for convenience, I like having everything in one place sometimes.  Plus, if I’m traveling with someone, or want to keep family appraised of where I am or what flight I’m on, I can easily share a trip with them.

How It Works: When I get my confirmation email, I just simply forward it to TripCase. It puts together the trip with other components based on matching dates, cities, etc.


What It Is: A Customizable Map App

Why I Like It: I can build a map of things I might want to do in a city. (Plus, I can categorize and color code it!) This gives me a visual of where things are that I want to see and where they are in relation to each other. This helps me see for instance, what area of town I should look at for a hotel.  Or, where things are in relation to each other, so I can easily figure out my day and visit things that are close together instead of backtracking because I didn’t realize that the two street murals I want to photograph are actually on opposite sides of town, or that the restaurant my mom recommended was two blocks away from the museum exhibit I went to! Truthfully, I find it easiest to make the map on my computer, but I use the app to reference it on my phone while I’m traveling. I select my city and see all of the markers I’ve placed. If I click on a marker and swipe up, I can see any details – address and contact information come up automatically for many places, and sometimes –> I’ll add in notes about the days/hours it’s open or admission fees.–> I might also find a picture to insert into the map, particularly if it’s a piece of street art I’ve heard about and am trying to track down – both for a reference of what I’m looking for and where I’ll find it when I get there.


What It Is: A Transportation App

Why I Like It: This app makes it so easy to figure out how to get around in a city! When I type in a location, it gives me multiple options and lets me choose – do I want to walk? Take the subway? Get a Lyft? The only downside is that it doesn’t work in every city yet – but many major ones are here. It’s been especially nice in international cities – I’ve used it in both Paris and Melbourne with great success.

How It Works: Type in where you want to go. Look at the different options: walk, bike, Uber, Metro…Get directions. I love that the Metro directions will tell you how many stops to get to yours – it even gives you the list of other stops in between so you can follow along to make sure you’re going in the right direction. (I mean, not that I’ve ever done that but you know, just in case…) It even gives you advice on which subway car to sit in! You can get guided, turn-by-turn directions as you walk/bike/drive to your location. I especially enjoy the cheeky information of how many calories (cheeseburgers, lattes) you’ll burn by walking.


What It Is: A Budget-Tracking App

Why I Like It: I have a strict budget on my trips for my blog and let’s be honest, budgets aren’t easy to keep when you’re on vacation! It’s so easy to get distracted by everything fun when you’re traveling and keeping track of what you spent is so not fun. But this app makes it very easy! I can watch what I’m spending along the trip and even capture receipts for all those tax things at the end of the year.

How It Works: I enter my trip, dates, budget, and currency. To make an entry, I type in the amount, select cash or credit card and select a category. Then, I type in the name/description of the cost and have the options to –> take a photo of the receipt or add in a note. Then, at the end of my trip (or, end of my year) I have a quick and easy recap of all my trips and their budget including receipts!

These are some of my favorite apps, but I’d love to hear about yours – tell me in the comments below which travel app is your favorite!

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Note: all links are for your convenience only, I am not an affiliate of any company and do not make money off recommending them. I just want to make it easy for you to find them if you’re interested!

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